Welcome to www.migniot.com, a lot of teaching, projects and misc computer stuff going on here…

A portfolio of demonstrated Knlowledge and Competencies
Curriculum Vitae
My CV, but you'd better see the Portfolio
The Tock game. As the rules exist in several flavors, the version available here use the Killer Seven, and the Eight doors. Ports in Python, in NodeJS and in Haskell.
2 Cents I made
Key Maker
On the fly, offlineable in-browser crypto :
  • Generate a key pair
  • Save decryption page to USB
  • Send encrypted data
  • And a QR code exfill
UML Elements
A set of Web Components allowing UML Representation and WYSIWYG Edition ! Along with an example (FR) of a complete documentation generated with it.
My development web space, with a lot of experiments and usefool tools
I don't Hijack your devices. period. But I do Lojack mine…
On a rooted phone, with an AOSP service is exfilled the latitude and longitude, passively, by https url reaching (achieved) and DNS exfill query (wip)
A journey into Homography
How to obfuscate your textual data on the web and compare fonts to register efficient phishing domains. This is known to have succeeded in at least 3 phishing attacks (SMS, domain, google) - without being evil ;)
Due to my ISP operations … not restored yet
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